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4view's subscription services provide a online platform that allows our users to upload there photo's, highlight and organize there work by using our services.
The use of 4view is compliance with terms and conditions set by 4views privacy policy on your binding agreement with 4view.
If under the age of 16 you are not permitted to use any 4 view services.
When registering with 4view you must supply us with true,accurate and complete information as required when signing up. Your continued use of this website will indicate that you agree not to use the website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms. The sites services and content available are the property of 4view.
4view may collect the following data such as name,address,email address,telephone number and PayPal information. We only ever store your data on our secure server's , we adhere to high security services to ensure that all our data is secure.
Disclosure of personal details will only prohibited if we sell the business or required to by the law to pass information if we believe action is necessary for fraud,cyber crime or to protect the website rights.
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Personal data will only be used to provide Information and services offered through our website and for billing.
This privacy policy may be updated and edited from time to time,so you may wish to check this at times to maintain the current knowledge of the terms.
Photographer's have the chance to make each event individual and private with passwords protection or completely private .
Photographers or a studio may only have one registered account at any given time,multiple accounts held by a single photographer or studio may be closed and all photo's deleted. If there is a circumstance requiring multiple accounts,please get in touch with 4view prior to uploading photo's.
By uploading photo's to 4view,photographers grant 4view a non-exclusive right to use, reproduce,transmit,publicly display and distribute the images deemed appropriate by 4view for the purpose of the photographers services. All other rights in transmitted images including copyright,remain with the photographer.
Photographers shall be solely responsible for all aspects of the orders placed by the purchaser's,4view shall notify the photographer electronically of all orders placed. Each photographer is responsible for all activity that occurs under there username and account, and also responsible for obtaining permission from any person whose images are uploaded on 4view.
4view reserves the right to censor and delete any images deemed inappropriate or without a proper release.
Photographers have the choice to use 4view's default labs to purchase the products and to resell to the customers through there membership, commission free from 4view.
But if they prefer to use their own labs they can do,and will have the opportunity to add them on through 4view.These labs will have there own terms & conditions, which 4view has no responsibility for there services.
The prices for individual items set by our default labs will visible in the photographer's 4view price sheet and the photographer will have the ability to sell each item for any price they choose.
Based on 4views relationships with these default labs, 4view may be updated on any lab price changes or any other products which could be added with reasonable notice to the photographers.
It is the photographers responsibility to adjust their own prices for each item for sale to their purchaser's.
4view will have the right to withhold any payments pending any investigation of suspicious activity.
Photographs uploaded on the website are created by the photographer who have provided them to 4view for sale and distribution, the copyrights in the photographs are owned therefore by the photographer who have licensed them and given the rights to post them on the site and provide the services offered.
You may not post any content using the website which is harmful,threatening,obscene ,pornographic and invasive of others privacy.
While 4view can not and does not review all content provided,the site is not responsible for such content but 4view reserves the right to delete,edit or rearrange any content which it deems unlawful.
Products that are selected through 4views default labs or the photographers own preferred labs by using 4views ordering system in the form, The photographs remains solely the property of the photographer, you may not reproduce,scan, display,transmit or distribute without consent of the photographer.
Orders are strictly a contract you enter into with the lab and the photographer,and not with 4view. Photographs that are submitted to the lab of your choice for printing, 4view shall not in any way be liable for the quality and delivery of the ordered products. Any dispute is between yourselves and the labs that have been chosen to do your printing.
All digital download products are entered into by the photographers platform and therefore the quality and services are the photographers responsibility, an purchases are at your own risk.4view are not liable for the products.
Other content uploaded,such as comments about this website or the photographs, 4view reserves the right to delete or take action if they believe its content is unlawful and has no obligation to amend.
You are solely responsible for the content you post or submit to 4view.
All other content on this website , including text,graphics,logos,icons,images,audio clips,videos,digital downloads,data and software, aswel as selection,coordination and arrangement of all the content on this website, is the property of 4view and internationally copyrighted. No content on this website owned by 4view may be reprinted, republished,modified or distributed in any form with out permission from 4view.
You will receive a email from 4view, if your email address is either listed with us as someone who is willingly shared the address for the sole purpose of receiving information in the future or you have registered,purchased or otherwise you have existing relationship with us.
The email sent contains a easy automated options of ceasing further emails from 4view,if you wish to do so just follow the online instructions and the end of the email. Once you have followed the instructions do allow 14days to be removed from the database. For Cancellation of subscription,it will take 30days from the last payment, and be notified by email.
4view or any other suppliers through this website including sponsors shall not be responsible or liable for any damages or any kind of liability for lost or profit of business.
4view are not storage solution for your files,digital media etc.The account holder will be notified if there is innactivity within there projects..If further innactivity occurs the account holder will notified,if further innactivity occurs 4view have the right to remove digital media,files and projects without the account holders discretion.
You understand and agree that the submission of digital images to 4view and that the upload/download of the contents through the sites services are done at your own discretion and risk.
You are solely responsible for creating back-ups of digital images, you acknowledge that 4view accepts no responsibility or liability for and employs no controls over,the content of information passing through 4view host servers, network hubs, or the internet. All services here are performed to the high standards set by ourselves but without warranty against failure due to computer hardware or communications systems.